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MARSC Holding Group

Who we are

It is not as simple as a challenge, but with the mental and financial support, comparison and the right connections is possible. 
We are not talking about miracles but about thinking, optimizing and exploiting the experience of those who do this as a job.

For Marsc it all started from the table of a bar in Florence (Italy), with the dream and the passion of helping us and others as in a family, to reach the steps of success, there the challenge began.

With more than 30 years of experience as entrepreneurs in the world of commerce, we have gone from the production of fabrics in the countries of the Middle East, India, to Coffee in Brazil, to the world of fashion in Japan, Russia, Switzerland, to craftsmanship, to LEDs. from China to Silicon Valley in California, and much more.

Globo appoggiato su mani unite

All the knowledge learned over the years abroad has allowed us to establish global relationships, innovate and make our own some of the strategies, methods and techniques present in the world.
This has made it possible for us to create and increase the value of the companies we have collaborated with from our "office" in that bar.
That bar against all the difficulties of entrepreneurship was just the beginning.

After crashes, time and sweat, I am proud of our team, of where we are and of what we can still do. Today the company is a Holding with more than 9 offices around the world, with a team of experts in almost all sectors.
And if you too are willing to sacrifice, sweat and not give up, you can get anywhere you want, believe me.

In life I like to say that there are those who make it and those who find an excuse not to make it.
Imagine your company pushing its limits when it can go far.

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