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"Imagine taking your business to the next level"


Availability in the 5 continents

9 Subsidiaries around the world

10 Services available

What we offer to entrepreneurs with the Distribution service

We develop and grow your company in Italy and in the world, we filter the difficulties by supporting you in the management, so that you can focus on the product and the most important activities.

Distinctive advantages of our company for you:
- we have skills, strategies and innovative techniques in several areas, exploited by customers, stimulate comparison and optimize their potential; - we are "Pay After Profit", so Marsc will only start earning after making a profit for you through distribution.

What we offer to Partners, sales agents, distributors and intermediaries.

We offer you the opportunity to work with Made in Italy companies and products, expand your brand and customer portfolio, develop your commercial network and you consolidate with brands on the road to success.

You also have the possibility of offering or carrying out private label productions, in Italian factories and beyond, this is just the beginning of what you can do. The relationship of trust that is created thanks to the "we are one" philosophy will allow you to have maximum support and management in everything.

Who we are

I am sure that you too want to optimize, develop and take your company to the next level, overcoming all the stress and difficulties. Making the right choice even if you are competent is not easy, and trying often takes away  much energy, time and money. Even more so if you try to do it yourself . 

Why develop a partnership?

Experience for 30 years

The experience was born in the world of fabrics in the Middle East in the distant 90s, after different visions, strategies, mentality and activities in almost the whole world; the concepts learned by the Marsc group range from optimizing the management of your warehouse and logistics (thanks to the experiences in factories in China), to the creation of development strategies, communication and data analysis learned from the big data of the United States. All this offered by a single Partner, who will follow you step by step if requested.

Connections on a global level

Branches, acquaintances, networks in many countries of the world, allow you to approach and evaluate the best markets in which to enter. Having already notions of the pitfalls and strategies to be used for the approach of these markets, we allow you to optimize time and money. Research and evaluations are always needed to do a job in the best possible way. Thanks to the Marsc group you will be able to have who takes care of it, taking advantage of the experience and connections already developed.


The most important thing for us in business is to develop a relationship of trust, without we do not move forward, the world would not move forward. We work only in the segments where we know we can bring added value together, or where we see the possibility of expansion and development. We evaluate every single collaboration. Feasibility studies and market analyzes are important but even more important is whether we can trust the partners we are considering working with . 


Business Network

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